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Did you know that carbohydrates are poisonous to the human body!


WHAT? I know it sounds outrageous especially since the media, celebrities and even Government recommendations tell you differently. Our goal is to present the cold hard FACTS about carbohydrates and prove what you have been told is WRONG!

In simple terms, the research from the past is seriously flawed and our Health and Fitness eBooks provide a detailed analysis as to why. We all have been were you are! A couple of us were even vegetarians for 3 years hopelessly trying to convince ourselves that we were being healthy, while the effects on our bodies were telling a more morbid story.

In the books you will find on this site, you will learn about a life’s work and painstaking research and discoveries about nutrition, health and longevity. We will teach you how to control your bodyweight with ease, how to lengthen your life and more importantly, how you can eliminate many of the diseases that we come to expect from living in this world today.

You will never have to hear the word DIET again! We have carefully outlined a new lifestyle that still includes carbohydrates. Yes! You can eat any type of carb you like as they all turn into pure sugar in your blood stream BUT portion control is the key. You can still have your favorite candy bar as long as you follow my portion recommendations; all of this and more is explained throughout the books.

Need a more hands on and personal approach? Our Personal Fitness and Health Coaching is available for those who need more of a one on one experience!

Science Based Fitness, Nutrition and Well Being Articles and eBooks


Dr. Greg Ellis talks about Dr. Oz

Dr. Greg Ellis, in this video, goes over Oprah's frequent guest Dr. Mehmet Oz. Dr. Oz is a surgeon and has limited, if any training in nutrition highlighted from the fact that he gets most of his information wrong. Dr. Oz agrees with the established "no meat no fat...

Insulin Resistant because of a Low Carb Diet?

There is a multitude of new and great information out there revolving around a low carbohydrate diet. On my Facebook page I was asked a question about insulin resistance and if being on a low carb diet can make you more or less resistant to insulin. In this video I...

How Dangerous is a “Cheat Day”

Cheat days will be more damaging to your overall health than you think, choosing a low carbohydrate diet is making an effort to remove harmful substances to your body. A “cheat day” could potentially unravel all the progress you have made depending on how much you...

Isometric Exercise for Building Muscle and Strength

Isometric exercise has been proven to be the best form of exercise for building muscle. The reason for this is that the best stimulus is maximal force production. No other method allows this to occur as they are all part of the fatigue model of exercise meaning by the...

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Today there are an endless amount of dietary plans, when in reality the only successful was to lose weight is to restrict calories. One of today’s most outrageous diets is “Eat Right For Your Blood Type.” The idea that blood type has anything to do with your...

Dietary Fiber

My lifes mission is to advocate a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, because of my mostly meat diet I don't consume any fiber. Although many health “professionals” argue the importance of fiber in your diet, I have lived without it for the past 20 years without any...